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Trending Denim: What Men Are Wearing




Trending Denim: What Men Are Wearing 

Denim is a staple wardrobe piece, whether your style tends towards classic elegance or modern daring. Through the decades we have seen denim jeans range from the simple bootcut to the gravity-defying loose fit of the ultra baggy. Today's man prefers a clean-cut look, one that lends a sense of ease and wearability. Look no further than the Alaric Jeans in black for the perfect blend of sophistication and rugged toughness. These form-flattering jeans showcase no less than five pockets, complete with a sewn-in penny pocket. Sitting just at the hip, the dark denim enhances the strength of the legs down to the tapered ankles.


For those in search of a more laid back summer vibe, the Keasey Denim shorts in the mid-wash are just what you've been looking for. Hitting a couple of inches above the knee, these cuffed jean shorts provide comfort and style all while beating the heat in 100% cotton. They feature both back and side pockets to keep you organized on the go and a button fly to keep you secure. The Keasey shorts are a far cry from the bland baggy jeans shorts of yesterday, with bold design lines to keep you looking fresh and modern. They are perfect for a fun day at the beach or long summer nights with friends. Jeans are in vogue all year long, and staying on top of the trends can be challenging. Keep up to date with Brand Corner and never have to worry about falling behind or breaking the bank. Your next best fashion choice is just a click away or read this plus size mens clothing.