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Plus Size Men - How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger?

It is normal to feel conscious about your looks, particularly if you are big-sized. Unfortunately, societal standards tend to exclude individuals who do not fit the mold for what is considered the ideal figure. Most people refrain from investing much in clothes and make dressing choices to take attention away from their physique.

However, regardless of your weight, it is important to invest in good clothes and learn how to dress well. Do not wait to achieve a certain weight and buy clothes for the body you have. Once you have accepted your body, you can take charge of your appearance and make sensible dressing choices. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Avoid loose or ill-fitted clothes

Unless you are headed to the gym, avoid wearing loose or ill-fitted clothes. You might think they hide your body, but these clothes only make you look like a slob and look unflattering.   

Rather, you should opt for clothes that give you a clean look and a defined shape to the body. Go for smooth, clean lines to achieve a sharp and confident look. So, whether you wear a shirt, pants, blazers, or suits, focus on getting the right fit, so the clothes compliment your look.

Go for lightweight fabrics

Thick or heavy fabrics tend to accentuate the body size and may only add more weight to the body. If you have a large frame, it will look unflattering and make you look bulky. Heavy fabrics are also uncomfortable as they trap heat and may cause you to sweat more.

However, you can avoid these issues by going for lightweight fabrics. They are more comfortable to wear and make you look slimmer and sharper.

Avoid over-layering

Often, bigger-sized people try to hide their bodies beneath heavy layers, which only make them look bulkier and add to their already bigger frame. If you need to layer up, go for lightweight fabrics that give you warmth, look neat, and give a defined shape to your body.

Avoid large patterns

Solid colors are your best friend, particularly when it comes to shirts. Even if you want to go for prints, consider small checks or strips and steer clear of large patterns. They only make you appear bigger. Also, avoid wearing horizontal stripes as they only accentuate your wide frame. On the other hand, solid colors give a slimmer appearance. Get to know more about plus size mens clothing come visit our site.

Plus Size Men - How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger?

Just because your body type does not fit the criteria of the perfect body shape, it does not exempt you from making an effort to dress well. It does not matter if you have a naturally broad bone structure or extra weight due to some reason. What matters is whether you put in an effort when it comes to how you dress.

The new fashion mantra is that anyone can look good regardless of their size. So, you too can look sharp and well-dressed with a few simple fashion hacks. Here are five suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

Choosing the right fit

The era of hiding your body underneath mounds of layers or loose clothes is over. One of the common misconceptions that large-sized guys have is that wearing loose-fitted clothes or putting on baggy layers is the right way to dress. However, it only makes you look sloppy.

At the same time, wearing clothes that are a little too tight doesn’t look right either. The key is to find the right fit that seems to be tailored specifically for you. Own and embrace your size and choose clothes that fit you well to add structure to your look and accentuate your silhouette.

Choosing the right colors

While dark colors are your best friend, we do not recommend ditching bright or light colors altogether. You can accessorize with bright colors to add just the right touch of quirkiness and vibrancy to your outfit. A brightly colored scarf, tie, or beanie can be the game-changer.

Choosing the right layering options

Layering does not necessarily translate into bulk. If you need to add layers to your outfit, steer away from oversized jackets or coats. Choose the right fabric and thin jackets or coats that keep the structure intact.

Choosing the right fabric

It goes without saying that heavy, bulky fabric makes for bulky clothing items. Instead, look for fabric types that have a fall to them. Such fabrics can be tailored to create outfits tailored to your size and make you look lean and sharp.

Choosing the right print

You may have been advised to stay away from patterns and prints if you are large-sized. While the advice is not wrong, we would not suggest ditching prints altogether. You can opt for small, subtle prints or fabrics with vertical stripes for a lean effect.

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Plus Size Men - How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger?


There was a time when men, regardless of their body shape and size, used to get fashion advice from slim people whose fashion guidelines seemed more like an attempt at patronizing the bigger-sized individuals.

However, those were the bygone days, and thankfully with increasing awareness, fashion is now all-inclusive. While there is an increase in wardrobe variety and clothing options, there is also a lot of information that you can leverage to make the right clothing choices so that you look good and feel confident.

If you are plus size and looking for ideas to amp up your look, here are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Get the right fit

Whether you dress casually or for a formal affair, it is never a good idea to wear baggy clothes. If you are trying to hide behind the baggy and bulky clothes, you are only drawing attention to your bigger frame. Instead of making you look dressed up, baggy clothes tend to make one look frumpy. So, the next time you are shopping for clothes, consider getting outfits that are the right fit and avoid getting bigger sizes.

The right fabric

One of the critical aspects you need to consider while shopping for outfits is the fabric type. The right kind of fabric that complements your appearance can instantly improve the look. So if you are bulky, consider getting outfits in lighter fabrics that define your shape. You can always add a well-fitted jacket or another form of outerwear to combat the cold. However, it is better to avoid bulky or heavy fabrics that only serve to add more volume to the shape.

Structured outfits

One clever technique that fashion gurus always preach is visual trickery. There is a lot you can achieve with the right wardrobe choices. Your silhouette plays a major role in how you look and if you want a leaner appearance, consider adding structure to your outfit, for instance, wearing well-fitting trousers and keeping the shirt tucked in.

Consider adding statement pieces like smart belts to add definition to the overall look. It is good to consider pieces that add structure to the overall look without adding volume to make you look bulky. For instance, you can wear a smart-fitting jacket that frames your shape and defines your structure without adding more volume to your appearance.


You may have heard this several times before, but solids are a great wardrobe choice if you are plus size. Now, we are not discouraging you from buying prints, but consider getting smaller, discreet prints, checks, or stripes that look elegant and complement the look.

If you are conscious about certain aspects of your physique, you can consider adorning dark monochrome clothing to make you feel comfortable yet confident in your wardrobe choices.

However, this doesn't mean that you should completely steer away from light colours. Light-coloured clothing is stitched well and fits nicely can look great. Similarly,  if you are not bulky in all parts, you can reserve lighter-coloured wardrobe choices for the slimmer areas and use darker colours for areas you are not very confident about.

Lastly, whatever you wear, own it and wear it with confidence and grace and embrace your style. When you are confident in your own skin and what you are wearing, it shows in your personality and overall appearance.

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Plus Size Men - How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger?


If you are plus size and have been struggling to find clothing items that suit you, you have been looking in the wrong places. Fashion nowadays is all about inclusivity, and just because you are bigger doesn't mean you can't dress well. While it wouldn't be wrong to admit that despite the focus on inclusion, the struggle is real for bigger-size people, it is also true that if you make the right choices, you can pull off the look effortlessly.

So, here are a few tips to up your dressing game if you are plus size.

Find clothes that fit you well

It is never a good idea to wear baggy clothes. While you may be trying to hide behind the bulk, you may only be drawing attention to your bigger frame. Baggy ill-fitted clothes only make you look sloppy. Instead, pick clothes that fit you well and are tailored according to your size.

Focus on structure and silhouette

Visual trickery is important to give an appealing look, and in this regard, you need to focus on your silhouette. For instance, do not keep your shirt out; tuck it in to streamline your silhouette from the waist down. You can also use a belt to add more definition to your look. If you are not bulky in all parts, reserve lighter-colored wardrobe choices for the slimmer areas and use darker hues for areas, you are not too confident about.

Wear outfits that add structure without adding volume and basically frame your shape. Use coats and jackets over t-shirts to define your structure and not make you look bulky.

Select the right fabric

The fabric choice is quite critical as it can make or break the dress. It is better to stay away from bulky or heavy fabrics that only add volume to your figure if you are plus size. Instead, go for light fabrics that give definition to your shape.

Choose solid colors

Solids and plain fabrics are your best friend. Large prints or patterns may look funky, but they only tend to make you look bulkier. Dark monochrome-colored outfits are the best choice to make you look appealing and feel comfortable and confident.

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Plus Size Men - What To Wear When You're A Bit Bigger?


Thanks to the internet, we have all kinds of information available just a click away. Moreover, with time, we have increased options in every aspect. This applies to clothing as well. You can easily get advice and ideas about picking the right kind of clothing that will not only suit you but is also stylish.

Over time, there has been an increasing focus on making fashion all-inclusive and designing a wardrobe that will cater to all body sizes and shapes. So, if you are plus size, looking good has never been this easier. You can easily search online for plus size mens clothing design and style inspirations that will make you look good, feel confident and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Speaking of ideas and inspirations, why go any further when we have just the right kind of suggestions lined up for you. Consider our list of recommendations if you are looking for wardrobe revamping ideas.

Choose clothes that are tailored to fit well

One common mistake that many plus-size individuals make is to wear saggy loose-fitted outfits. They are probably under the illusion that it will cover their body shape. Sadly, they couldn't be more mistaken as loose-fitting does nothing of the sort.

When you wear ill-fitted or saggy oversized outfits, they only make you look disheveled and draw more focus towards your body. Therefore, try to wear that is tailored to fit you well. When you dress in something that is the right fit for you, you will feel confident in your appearance.

Avid bulky clothing and keep your wardrobe light

If you are plus-size, it is better to wear light-weighted clothes. It is because if you wear loose and bulky clothes, they will only accentuate your size and look unflattering. Instead, opt for nicely tailored outfits made from light fabric in smart cuts and designs to achieve a leaner silhouette and an overall more gathered and refined look.

Avoid patterns and go for solid colors

Patterns and prints are certainly not the best choices if you are plus-size. They only draw more attention to your body shape and may end up highlighting the problem areas you are not so confident about. Rather, keep it subtle and simple by going for an outfit in solid shades. When you pair them with the right accessories, dark shades look very elegant.

Final remarks

These are just a few suggestions for you to consider. The important thing to remember is that you should not consider your clothing as a social shield behind which you can try to hide.

Every clothing choice must be made with the intention of picking items that exude grace and confidence and accentuate your personal style. When you feel confident in what you are wearing, your clothing will speak for itself.

Plus Size Men- How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger?


With an increasing focus on body positivity, there is also more focus on making fashion all-inclusive for everyone in today's day and age. With so many options out, there is now something for everyone. Individuals of all sizes and ages can find suitable wardrobe essentials without any hassle.

The key, however, is to choose what would suit your personality and enhance your style so you can carry it well comfortably. If you are bigger, there are no hard and fast rules that you should strictly adhere to, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to look good.

Having said that, we have put together a few tips and pieces of advice you may incorporate in your wardrobe choices.

Good fitting

Being plus size does not mean that you should put on saggy bulky outfits in a bid to hide underneath them and cover your body shape. Trust us when we tell you; it will do nothing of the sort. Wearing ill-fitted or baggy oversized outfits only makes you look sloppy and bring more attention to your body.

So, you must always wear that fit you well. When you dress in something that is the right fit for you, you will feel comfortable wearing it too. It may also help you feel confident about your appearance.

Wear solids

One thing that you should avoid if you are plus-size; is big patterns and prints. Keep your choice of wardrobe simple by opting for solid colors. Dark hues look quite elegant when paired with the right accessories. While patterns and prints only draw more attention to body shape and may only serve to highlight the problem areas.

Keep it light

Wearing light-weighted clothes is a wiser option if you are plus–size. If you wear baggy clothes, they will accentuate your size. Go for smartly tailored outfits made from light fabric in sharp cuts and designs for that lean silhouette and a refined look.

Remember, the purpose of your clothing is not to hide behind it. You need to make sensible choices and flaunt your style to exude confidence and grace.

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Fashion For Plus Size Men - How To Look Good When You're A Bit Bigger


The thing about fashion is everyone can look good. No matter what body type you have, the right kind of clothes can make you look stylish and compliment your physique.

Being on the plus size doesn't mean that you should cover up and hide your physique under layers of clothing. Depending on your body shape, you can choose cuts, colors, and designs that let you be comfortable and make you look stylish at the same time.

While dressing properly may not alter your body shape, it will give you a well-balanced appearance. Read below to find out a few tips that may help you get your clothing game on point.

  • As we mentioned earlier, being overweight doesn't mean that you should dress in baggy clothes. One of the most common mistakes that bulky men make is to wear. It only gives you a frumpy look. Instead, you should wear clothes that suit your body shape. Always go for well-tailored clothes that highlight your body silhouettes and fit you nicely.
  • As a plus-sized man, monochromes are your best friend. Do not go for heavy prints and patterns. Instead, go for plain, dark shades of clothes. They look more flattering on bulkier physiques. During the winters, go for dark-colored jackets and lightly striped shirts or sweaters. Keep a collection of dark-colored blazers and coats in perfect fits for your office wear to achieve a formal and crispier look.
  • One thing that is a big no is horizontal stripes. Instead of complimenting your physique, they may make you look stouter and unflattering. Instead, go for vertical stripes to give your body more definition. Go for striped tops in light hues.
  • Go for lightweight clothes. When you wear heavy clothes, they only draw attention to your size and make you look bulkier.
  • Make accessories essential in your routine looks. Since winters are upon us, use hats and caps. The right design draws attention to your face and gives the impression of a longer and slimmer face. Similarly, suspenders create the illusion of a cleaner look compared to belts.

All of the tips that we have mentioned above are quite easy to incorporate into your daily looks. If you are looking for some changes, you can simply pick a few tips and don't necessarily have to go through a wardrobe overhaul.

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